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Analyst's zone

This subpage collects in one place information on the PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna necessary to make an investment decision. We invite you to contact us.


Operating and sales data for year 2023

SpecificationAccrued since the beginning of the year
12M 202312M 2022Dynamics (%)
Net generation of electricity in PGE Group, including:56.77 TWh66.13 TWh-14%
- net generation from lignite29.75 TWh39.51 TWh-25%
- RES2.73 TWh2.24 TWh22%
Volume of retail sales to final off-takers34.71 TWh34.28 TWh1%
Volume of electricity distribution38.8 TWh37.07 TWh5%
Disclaimer: the above figures were not audited


Key financial indicators of PGE Capital Group

EBITDA margin24%24%27%29%29%26%33%25%19%13%18%12%10%
EBIT margin15%14%16%18%-13%13%15%10%11%3%10%6%-4%
Net profit margin18%12%13%13%-11%9%11%6%-11%0,2%8%5%-5%
Return on equity (ROE)14%10%10%9%-7%6%6%3%-8%0,3%8%7%-10%
Debt to equity0.430.380.400.480.520.580.560.590.800.880.840.951.37
Debtor's days25252833343749473417462827
Net debt (net cash) /reported EBITDA-0.61-0.34-0.37-0.130.320.690.991.511.601.220.44-0.311.11


(1) ROE was computed as a quotient of net profit divided by end of year equity less net profit.
(2) Debtor days were computed based on formula:
(365 days * average trade receivables)/sales revenues, where average trade receivables mean arithmetic average of beginning of the year and end of year figures and each times involves gross value (i.e. before receivables impairments).