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We are one of the largest companies in Poland and we want to operate in accordance with not only the law, but also the principles of common human decency. Acting ethically and responsibly, we expect the same from all our employees and business partners.

The work culture of the PGE Capital Group is based on the following three values: partnership, development, and responsibility. Our most important principles are related to attitudes towards the company and its employees, the conduct of business activities, and the maintenance of external relations.


Our values support the implementation of the strategy and vision of development of the PGE Group. Rules of conduct - a signpost towards achieving our goals.



for us, it is the identification of employees with the PGE Capital Group and the resulting joint actions; it is effective and creative cooperation leading to synergy effects in every area of our business - for the benefit of customers, shareholders, employees, and business partners, resulting from good cooperation among the companies, business lines, and other segments, as well as among individual employees and teams. Partnership means relationships based on respect.



for us, it means continuous improvement of people, organization, processes, and technologies; it is creating conditions for innovation as well as searching actively for new solutions. Development requires the courage to introduce changes and to shape a new reality.



for us, it is taking care of the country's energy security, the sustainable development of our company, the company itself as a good workplace, and also compliance with the highest occupational health and safety standards; it means the reliability of both the organization and each of us. Responsibility means honesty and integrity in all our actions.

The basic ethical values of the PGE Group and the standards applicable to our employees, including the management, are described in The PGE CG Code of Ethics.

We want to work with entities that are not only aware of our values and principles, but also understand them and conduct their business in accordance with them.

We know the importance of good and transparent communication with our shareholders and other capital market participants. We do our best to ensure such communication by, among other things, publishing materials that meet the needs of investors, such as the Integrated Report or a file with the Group's quarterly data for many years available in the analyst zone. We also scrupulously comply with the corporate governance principles laid down in The Best Practices of Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The Diversity Policy is an extension of the rules specified in PGE Group's Code of Ethics "We care about friendly working conditions" and "We improve, we are proactive, we show initiative," and is a document that sets standards for incorporating diversity in the fostering of the working environment.

The way to proceed is to implement transparent processes ensuring that any cases of non-compliance can be identified, explained, and remedied without delay. We educate all our employees in matters relating to compliance with the general law as well as the Company's internal compliance regulations. That is why we have developed and implemented an anti-corruption policy.


If you want to ask a question, report doubts or suspicions of violation of the law or the values and principles of the PGE Capital Group, write to us at: 

Your message will be forwarded to President of the Management Board of PGE S.A., Director of the Compliance Department in PGE S.A., Director of the Audit Department in PGE S.A., and Director of the Security Department in PGE S.A.


Your message will be forwarded to the Supervisory Board of PGE S.A.


The companies of the PGE Capital Group respect the right of whistleblowers to remain anonymous. Personal data and other information sent to the above e-mail address will remain confidential until the informant consents to the disclosure of all or part of such information.