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PGE Group's existing financing model takes into account the use of funds from its core activities, debt financing in the form of commercial bank credit facilities and bond programmes, credit facilities from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (“BGK”), credit facilities from multilateral institutions such as the European Investment Bank (“EIB”) or the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) as well as in the form of preferential financing. In order to effectively manage liquidity, within the Group we have introduced a cash-pooling system, with participation of 29 Group companies (as at 2022 EOY).

In accordance with the Strategy of the PGE Group until 2030, the financing of the investment program worth approx. PLN 75 billion in 2021-2030 will take place under the following assumptions:
- Implementation of investments together with partners
- Maximizing the utilisation of domestic and EU aid funds for the energy transition
- Using the potential of green debt financing
- Limited leverage increase while maintaining the rating
- Investments in the project finance formula