Appointment of the Supervisory Board member


13.07.2022 15:39

Art. 56 section 1 p. 2 of Act on Public Offering – current and periodic information

Contents of the report

The Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. (“PGE”, the “Company”) discloses that the Company received a statement dated July 12, 2022 in which the Minister of State Assets (representative of the State Treasury) appoints Mr. Zbigniew Gryglas as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Company as of July 12, 2022. The statement was submitted pursuant to § 20 section 5 of the Company's Statutes, that entitles the State Treasury to appoint and dismiss one member of the Supervisory Board by way of a written declaration submitted to the Management Board of the Company.

Mr. Zbigniew Gryglas is a graduate of the National School of Public Administration, ART Olsztyn and the Warsaw School of Economics. He has over a dozen years of experience in the ownership supervision over companies with State Treasury shareholding, gained at the Ministry of the Treasury (1996-2006) and the Ministry of State Assets (2019-2021). He completed an internship at the European Commission - Directorate-General for Energy. Member of the Sejm Committee on Energy and the State Treasury of the 8th parliamentary term. Chairman of the Parliamentary Offshore Wind Energy Group (OWE) 2016-2019, and in the years 2020-2021 Plenipotentiary of the Minister of State Assets for OWE. He has been a member of the Management Board of Polski Holding Hotelowy since January 2022. One of the co-authors of the act on support for electricity generation in offshore wind farms. Many years of experience in working in the bodies of commercial law companies, including the energy sector ones, among others: Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Nafta Polska S.A. in the years 2000-2005, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Naftoport Sp. z o.o. in the years 2005-2006. Member of the Supervisory Boards of the following companies: H. Cegielski Poznań S.A., Polpharma S.A., RPBI S.A., SSSE S.A. Member of PGE’s Supervisory Board in period November 2021 – June 2022. In the years 2009-2015, he ran a business activity in the field of mergers and acquisitions as well as investment project evaluations. One of the co-authors of the Power Sector Restructuring Programme of 2006 establishing the currently existing four Energy Groups (PGE, TAURON, ENEA, ENERGA).

Mr. Zbigniew Gryglas has stated that his activities outside PGE are not competitive in relation to activities of the Company and that he is not participating in a competitive company as a partner in a partnership, in a civil partnership or as a member of body of a capital association, and he is not participating in other competitive legal person as a member of its body.

Mr. Zbigniew Gryglas has also stated that he is not registered in Register of Insolvent Debtors, being kept on the ground of Act on National Court Register dated August 20, 1997 (Dziennik Ustaw of 2019, item 1500 as amended).

Legal ground: § 5 p. 5 and § 10 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance dated March 29, 2018 on current and periodic information published by issuers of securities and on conditions under which such information may be recognized as being equivalent to information required by the regulations of law of a state which is not a member state (Dziennik Ustaw of 2018, item 757).

Signatures of persons representing the company

Date Name Position and function
2022-07-13 Ryszard Wasiłek Vice-President of the Management Board
2022-07-13 Lechosław Rojewski Vice-President of the Management Board