Paweł Cioch

Paweł Cioch

Vice-President for Corporate Affairs

The Management Board of PGE discloses that on February 19, 2020 the Supervisory Board adopted resolutions on appointment of Mr. Paweł Cioch to the Management Board of the eleventh term of office as from February 24, 2020 and entrusting him the position of the Vice-President.

Doctor of Law, manager and attorney-at-law specializing in providing legal services to commercial law companies and public finance sector entities. For many years, he provided legal services to corporations in the manufacturing, transport and construction industries, as well as local government units and organizational units of the State Treasury. Mr Cioch has experience in the implementation of corporate governance in joint-stock companies. Since 2007, the owner of the Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law - dr Paweł Cioch, and between 2016-2020 the Managing Partner of the law firm Cioch & Partnerzy. Between 2018-2020 he was the Legal Advisor of the Marshal of the Lublin Province.

In 2007-2015, assistant professor at the Department of Civil Procedure at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. He was also a lecturer at the College of Finance and Banking in Radom and the College of Entrepreneurship and Administration in Lublin in the field of securities law. Between 2013-2020 lecturer at the Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law in Lublin in the field of civil proceedings.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of the Catholic University of Lublin in 2003. In 2006 he completed a judicial apprenticeship completed with a judicial exam at the Court of Appeal in Rzeszów, as well as obtained a PhD in legal sciences at KUL and was registered on the roll of attorneys-at-law.

He also holds an MBA from Collegium Humanum and London Apsley Busienss School.

He is the author of several dozen scientific publications in the field of civil procedure law, civil law and commercial law, including monographs, coursebooks, articles, some comments to the Code of Civil Procedure and encyclopedic entries.