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Information clauses

One of the basic rights resulting from the GDPR is the right to know what happens to your personal data – what data is collected, for what purpose it is processed, for how long we will be in possession of your data, who else may have access to it, and above all, what rights you have with regard to the processing of your personal data.

Respecting your right to information, we provide the following information clauses for persons whose personal data we process.

The scope of business activities of the PGE Group companies is wide and covers many areas.


In order to familiarize yourself with the relevant clause, you should first determine the character of your relationship to PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A.

Are you our contractor?

Are you an employee of our contractor?

Have you sent us any correspondence?

Have you participated in a recruitment process organized by PGE S.A.?

Depending on your relationship to our company, you will find the relevant information below.

It is worth knowing what rules we have adopted for the processing of your personal data and what these rules are based on. We encourage you to become familiar with the following clauses.


In order to get to know information on data processing by the other companies belonging to the  PGE Capital Group companies, please visit their respective websites or contact the Data Protection Supervisor