The beginning of our work together is usually the energy connection. Private individuals who build houses, or developers who build residential buildings, or institutions that create public buildings – all of them must first join our distribution network, which is managed by PGE Dystrybucja within the PGE Group. After signing the agreement and building the grid connection you become our distribution client.

The convenience and availability of our services for customers is ensured primarily by our brick-and-mortar Customer Service Offices. Throughout Poland, there are 56 such offices operating within the scope of PGE Dystrybucja and 60 PGE Obrót. The latter company offers electricity sales even to customers not covered by the scope of the PGE Group’s distribution network. A separate offer may be used by the residents of Warsaw, who are offered energy sales by another company from PGE Group – Lumi.

Those who want to become our customers are taken care of from the moment they cross the threshold of the Customer Service Office (BOK). This is done by persons employed specifically for this purpose. They are to ensure that the waiting period for service is as short as possible, provide basic information about procedures and products, and also help in filling in documents.

We also have something for those who prefer modern solutions during their visit to the BOK. Since 2016, modern holohostesses – virtual characters that help to find answers to questions related to our company faster through interaction with the customer – have been waiting for customers in selected PGE Obrót outlets.

Many of our customers are persons with disabilities or limited mobility, are deaf or mute. It is very important for us that our offices are adapted to their needs as best as possible. PGE Obrót outlets are mostly located on the ground floors of buildings and are equipped with wheelchair ramps.  Employees of the 12 largest BOKs attended a specialist sign language course, where they learned its basics and vocabulary in the field of energy. On the basis of their experience, they have developed case studies of the most frequent cases appearing in their professional practice. All PGE Obrót stationary service outlets have magnifying glasses for the elderly and visually impaired. Thanks to this, the customers can freely read the documents themselves, thoroughly familiarising themselves with the content of the offer or contract.

Those who are unable to leave home due to illness or lack of full mobility can also count on us. Just call our hotline – 422 222 222 – and speak to one of our employees; all the necessary documents will be sent by post.


We know that for many people who want to become our customers or are already our customers, but need to contact us, reaching the nearest BOK sometimes means a significant excursion to another town. But we also have an offer for them – since December this year, our mobile Customer Service Office has been travelling around Poland. You can find out about where and when it will be available by visiting

For those who prefer remote channels, we have a Contact Centre – serving customers Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. – and an e-BOK, i.e. Electronic Customer Service Office – which allows us to handle many issues at a convenient time and place with the use of a computer application or a mobile app. You can also receive electricity invoices in your inbox. It is a convenient and ecological solution, because it saves paper and thus protects trees.

You can contact us via Facebook Messenger, where our chatbot – an online consultant – allows you to interactively select the most advantageous offer for energy and additional services fully tailored to your needs.

You can also write to us at

We also do our best to ensure that our customers are able to deal with dishonest electricity vendors. That is why we have applied for a certificate of the Code of Good Practice within the Association of Energy Trading (TOE).  Together with the TOE, we take part in an annual nationwide information campaign to warn of unfair practices in electricity and gas sales on the market, hold talks with senior citizens, and finally provide an opportunity to verify the seller at Lumi.

Not only do we try to take care of all our clients as much as possible, but we also examine the effects of our actions. We are conducting satisfaction surveys to find out what we need to improve and what solutions to implement to ensure that only good energy flows between us and our customers.