Information workshops for suppliers of products and services who are interested in cooperation with PGE Baltica and special purpose vehicles - Wind Farms: Baltica 3, Baltica 2, and Baltica 1 were organized on the 14th of December. The event was attended by several hundred participants, who represented over 200 Polish and foreign entities - mainly offshore industry companies and industrial enterprises.

The main purpose of the Suppliers Day was to present to potential contractors the key investment plans of the Grupa Kapitałowa PGE in the area of offshore wind energy and to explain procurement procedures. The event gave also the opportunity to build business relationships and equalize the level of knowledge among entities that will have a chance to participate in the future in the implementation of the large-scale investment, which is the construction of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

Further meetings with potential contractors are planned to ensure the transparency of activities and to support potential contractors in submitting their offers. As work on the construction of offshore wind farms progresses, PGE Baltica will also provide detailed information on the planned needs and subsequent stages of contracting.