The meeting will be devoted primarily to the presentation of the scope of the contract in the procedure entitled "Geotechnical survey for the export cable route and offshore substation” for the Baltica 2 and Baltica 3 offshore wind farms. During the teleconference, tenderers will have an opportunity to learn about the formal requirements for the contractors participating in the procedure, as well as the rules of the Purchasing System of the PGE Capital Group.


The meeting will be held via Skype, both in Polish and in English. The link to the conference call is available here.

Technical requirements

In order to join the meeting guests need to:

• install Skype for Business (Microsoft Teams) communicator


• download and activate Skype for Business Web App for browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 or Microsoft EDGE are required to run the plug-in correctly)


• connect on phone by dialing the number: +48 22 3403434  and typing the conference ID number: 556712017.

Contact for the contractors: