Please find a comprehensive equity and debt story of PGE

PGE BIG BOOK is an answer to numerous questions you have asked since company was IPOed.

For the first time we present a source of information you can reach out to whenever you need with in-depth operating and financial standing data.

It also gives you a close-up look on the business regulations and market environment which, we hope, will make you feel more comfortable in following the PGE story.

Our intention is to update it and expand with data and significant turnarounds.Detailed table of contents:

  • PGE in a nutshell
  • Corporate Governance
  • PGE Strategy
  • Main business lines description
  • Business environment
  • Regulations
  • Recent financial and operating results
  • Financing and rating
  • Impairments
  • Accounting matters
  • Other issues
  • Technical appendix