The PGE Capital Group is Poland’s largest energy sector company with respect to sales revenues and net profit. Thanks to the combination of its own fuel resources, power generation and distribution networks, PGE is able to offer ambitious and interesting professional challenges.

PGE Group’s divisions



Corporate Centre/ Wholesale – is accountable for managing the Capital Group as well as for wholesale trading of electricity on domestic and international market and trading of related products, fuels and CO2 emission allowances.

Conventional Power Generation – extraction of lignite and generation of electricity and heat from conventional sources and distribution of heat. Key assets of the segment: 4 conventional power plants, 8 combined heat and power plant (CHP), 2 lignite mines. PGE is a leader in lignite mining in Poland, as well as the largest electricity producer.

Distribution – is accountable for supplying electricity to final off-takers through the grid and HV, MV and LV power infrastructure. Second energy distributor with regard to number of customers with approx. 26% share in Polish electricity market.

Retail – is accountable for trading of electricity on domestic market. Achieve its goals by increasing the customer service level, developing new offers and improving the client services standards.

Renewable Power Generation – electricity generation from renewable sources and in pumped storage plants. Key assets of the segment: 12 wind power plants, 1 photovoltaic plant, 29 run-of-river hydro power plants, 4 pumped storage power plants including 2 with natural flow. PGE is the leading producer of energy from renewable sources within market share of 11%

Nuclear Power Generation – as a member of PGE Capital Group PGE EJ 1 Sp. z o.o. is directly responsible for development of the investment process and site investigation as well as obtaining all necessary licenses and permits required for the construction of the first Polish nuclear power plant. PGE EJ 1 sp. z o.o. is also responsible for the selection of technology for the future nuclear power plant and will in time become the operator of the plant.


PGE Capital Group also comprises of companies, which activities are not directly connected with the core business of the Group: PGE Systemy SA, PGE Obsługa Ksiągowo-Kadrowa Sp. z o.o., Elbis, Elbest.