On 31 May 2010 the sponsoring contract was signed by Władysław Komarnicki, President of Stal Gorzów Speedway Club and Piotr Szymanek, Vice President of PGE, in the presence of Tadeusz Jędrzejczak, President of Gorzów Wielkopolski.

This is very good for speedway that the major events of the Team World Cup will be held in Gorzów Wielkopolski at last. Both the city and the club deserve this honour and privilege. Speedway in Gorzów is something more than just a sport. It is a tradition, great pure sports emotions, said Piotr Szymanek, Vice President of PGE. Our national team has won so far 3 out of 4 Team Speedway World Cup finals held in Poland. We strongly believe that also in the year 2011 the captain of the Polish national team Tomasz Gollob with his teammates will be awarded with the highest step of the podium at the Gorzów Stadium, added PGE Vice President Piotr Szymanek.

This will be the second great speedway event held in Gorzów and proudly sponsored by PGE. Last year on 9 August 2009, the Stal Gorzów speedway stadium hosted the PGE Speedway Cup – the 12th Edward Jancarz Memorial competition.

Both President of Gorzów, Tadeusz Jędrzejczak, and President of Stal Gorzów speedway club, Władysław Komarnicki, express their full satisfaction with the sponsoring agreement with PGE.

The previous extremely successful events at our stadium, including the Junior World Cup Championship 2009, are evidence that speedway is the sport worth investing in. We have succeeded in convincing PGE, that our club deserves to host the Team Speedway World Cup and we have strengthened the PGE Management Board in their conviction that sponsoring the event has been a correct decision, said Władysław Komarnicki, President of Speedway Club Stal Gorzów Wielkopolski.

I am delighted that Gorzów will host two great international events. Certainly, this would not be possible without the sponsoring support of PGE. The Team World Cup is an important milestone both for the city and the club as well as a great promotion for the titular sponsor  – said Tadeusz Jędrzejczak, the President of the City of Gorzów Wielkopolski.

All the events sponsored by PGE will be held at the Edward Jancarz Stadium in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

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