PGE is initiating public communication activities which will be conducted continuously from now through the stage of investment project preparation and execution up to the start-up of the first unit of Poland's first nuclear power plant. Such activities are necessary for the Company to acquire the public's understanding and support for this investment project, especially among the inhabitants of the regions where the power plant may be located.  PGE wants to carry out educational activities concerning nuclear power generation and inform the public about progress in the execution of the project on a current basis.  It is one of the largest infrastructure development projects in the history of the Polish economy; it is an enormous technological, organisational and financial challenge for which we are preparing systematically. One of the key elements guaranteeing a successful completion of the whole enterprise will be the acquisition of the support of the majority of Poles for our country's nuclear power generation programme, said PGE Management Board President Tomasz Zadroga. 

We care about the development of a reliable dialogue platform, also for communication with our opponents. We believe that the "Nuclear Awareness" programme will improve the quality of the discussion on the development of nuclear power generation in Poland. The programme's major tool is the portal,  which will constitute a basis for all communication activities. Its development is the joint effort of science experts and the Company's specialist.

The programme will also include a number of other activities such as publications, meetings, workshops and debates addressed to various groups of stakeholders. These activities will be supported by an advertising campaign to be executed in both the press and the Internet; its catchphrase will be "Do you know or just think?". We can't deny that the plan to erect the first nuclear power plant in Poland evokes strong emotions in the public, which is uncharacteristic of other projects of this type. Such emotions often result from the lack of basic knowledge of nuclear power generation. Therefore we want to provide the public with complete and reliable knowledge of this new source of energy, because we know that one of the key elements ensuring this project's success is to win favour with the public. The "Nuclear Awareness" programme will constitute a basis for communication with our environment at every stage of the preparation and execution of the project, said Mr Zadroga.

The inauguration of the "Nuclear Awareness" programme is also the debut of its mark whose modern, three-dimensional graphic form is inspired by an atom model. However, it does not refer to the model directly but constitutes an attempt to describe it anew. The mark's colours are related to ecology: green is the colour of the earth, while blue is the colour of water. They express modern technologies whose characteristic features include environmental friendliness.

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. is the largest entity in Poland's power generation sector and one of the largest companies of this type in Central and Eastern Europe. The PGE Capital Group has considerable experience in the execution of large investment programmes as well as a stable economic position and a significant financial potential allowing it to carry out ambitious projects of strategic importance for the national economy. In January 2009 the Polish Government entrusted PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. with a mission to implement the country's nuclear power generation programme, including the erection of the first two nuclear power plants with a combined capacity of about 6000 MW. In December 2009, with a view to the execution of this project, within the structure of the PGE Capital Group, PGE Energia Jądrowa S.A. was established. It is a company managing the segment of nuclear power generation within the PGE Group and conducting strategic activities related to the preparation of an investment project for the construction of nuclear power plants.

The company develops foundations for strategic decision making, carries out preliminary location analyses, and cooperates with business partners as well as international organisations and institutions. In January 2010 PGE established PGE EJ1 Sp. z o.o., a special purpose company responsible for the direct preparation of the investment process, the performance of location analyses, and the acquisition of all decisions and permits necessary for the erection of a power plant. PGE EJ1 is also responsible for the selection of a partner with which it will establish a consortium whose purpose will be to construct Poland's first nuclear power plant.

The company will also manage the procedure for the selection of a technology provider. "Nuclear Awareness" is an education and information programme launched by PGE for the purpose of providing the public with reliable information on all areas related to nuclear power generation.  The programme's key tasks include the clarification of all issues giving rise to the public's anxiety about safety as well as the presentation of economic, social and environmental benefits resulting from the execution of this investment project. An important element of the programme's activities will be communication addressed to the local communities in the regions of the potential location of the first nuclear power plant. "Nuclear Awareness" is also a platform for dialog with the opponents of nuclear power generation. A public debate based on scientifically verified and confirmed knowledge is the best method of dispelling natural fears.

The programme's authors are not going to hide any important facts which may have impact on the evaluation of nuclear power generation.  

More information is available from: Marta Lau Chief Specialist for Marketing and PR, PGE EJ 1 Sp. z o.o. tel.: (+48 22) 340 1859 e-mail: