According to the conditions of the offer, by the end of 2014 the stadium's official name will be The PGE Arena Gdańsk. PGE and Biuro Inwestycji Euro Gdańsk 2012 will start to negotiate the detailed conditions of the agreement. The PGE Arena Gdańsk project is a good example of PGE's marketing strategy in the area of improving the recognisability and building the strong position of the company's brand.

Currently it is the largest naming rights project in Poland. "For us, it is a very important project with respect to strengthening the image  and recognisability of the PGE brand. In Poland, naming rights transactions are still at an early development stage. However, examples of similar solutions in countries such as Germany or the USA show that this type of investment generates a considerable added value for business entities," says Mr Tomasz Zadroga, PGE Management Board President.   PGE's bid for the purchase of the rights to the name of the Gdańsk stadium equals PLN 35 million. The amount will be paid in 5 yearly instalments. The PGE Arena Gdańsk is a football stadium currently under construction in Gdańsk's district of Letnica.

The facility is to hold 44,000 spectators. Its facade is to be covered with tiles in different shades of brown making the structure look like a gigantic piece of amber. The stadium has been designed according to all UEFA's requirements - it will be one of the arenas of the European Football Championship 2012. During the tournament the stadium will host three group matches and one quarter-final.  The construction of the PGE Arena Gdańsk is to be completed at the end of 2010.  


PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna is the largest power engineering company in Poland and one of the largest such companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the combination of its own fuel (lignite) resources, power generation and final distribution networks, PGE guarantees a safe and reliable power supply to 5 million households, businesses and institutions. The company's net power generation amounts to about 56 TWh, which constitutes 42% of the national electricity output. The installed capacity equals 12.4 GW. The PGE Capital Group has operated under its current structure since 2007. The PGE Capital Group's major areas of activity comprise the mining of lignite and generation of heat and electricity from conventional sources, the wholesale trade of electricity and related products, the retail sales of electricity and heat, the distribution of electricity as well as the generation of electricity from renewable sources.   Contact for the media: Sylwia Filimon Public Relations Coordinator PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. e-mail: tel.: (022) 340 26 69