PGE spares no effort to meet the challenges of the contemporary world related to climate change. We demonstrate how to responsibly and consciously establish relations between economic growth and concern for the environment. We invest in R&D activities, monitor our environmental impact, take action to protect the environment, and produce energy from renewable resources.

Environment-friendly electricity Responsible for supplying electricity to millions of people, and aware of our responsibility for the environment, we are interested in energy sources that have the least impact on the environment. For several years, PGE has been studying the possibilities of introducing nuclear technology in Poland and working on initiating a programme for the development of nuclear energy and the construction of the country’s first nuclear power plant. For us, climate protection means the most efficient possible use of available energy resources. The PGE Group is one of the leading producers of green energy in Poland.

Currently 75% of energy from hydropower in Poland is produced by PGE companies. We produce electricity from wind. The Kamieńsk Wind Park has been in operation since 2007. We are conducting research on the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of coal-based electricity generation process. In order to manage post combustion waste and use fossil fuels more efficiently, we are constantly looking for technology for industry, construction and transport. By 2020 we plan to build about 2000 MW in on- shore and off shore wind farms. Can we plant 75 million trees? Deployment of the best available technology in PGE’s production units assures compliance with the environmental protection standards in force in Poland and in the European Union. Since 2005, a CO2 Emissions Control Programme has been in operation at PGE’s largest installations

The Programme's primary goal is to implement optimal solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Since the mid-1990s, the PGE Group has cut CO2 emissions by more than 18 million tonnes. This is equivalent to planting 75 million trees (assuming that an average tree lives for about 40 years and absorbs about 6 kg of carbon dioxide every year!) Concern for the world around us PGE places great importance on mining reclamation. We have reforested thousands of hectares, we strive to return the land used in the past for the company’s activity to the most environmentally beneficial state. We try to assure that the land is developed both for tourism and the production of green energy. Examples of these activities may be seen in the Wind Park and ski jump at Kamieńsk Mountain, which used to be an external dump for the Bełchatów Field. The guiding principle for our installations is the economical use of water resources. Water discharged from PGE’s power plants and mines to natural reservoirs retains a Class I or Class II level of purity. We strive to fully utilize the by-products of the fuel consumption process.

The high quality of the by-products makes them a valuable commodity for use by other companies. PGE carries out investment projects designed to increase the production of electricity in conjunction with the production of heat (‘cogeneration’). This process assures better use of the primary energy from fuels and the achievement of greater efficiency in the fuel consumption process. PGE is involved in numerous informational and educational campaigns promoting environmental protection. We have built hundreds of nesting platforms for white storks. We have organised competitions and educational campaigns for children and young people. PGE companies hold the titles of the ‘Environment-Friendly Firm’, ‘Fair Play Company’, ‘Environmental Friendship’, ‘Patron of the Environment’, and ‘Leader of Polish Ecology’.