The entire Polish economy is facing the challenge of  zero emissions. However, it is in the area of electricity generation that a real transformation will take place. As the largest company in the sector, PGE will play a key role on the way towards a zero emission economy in Poland. Our strategic aspiration is 100% green energy for PGE customers in 2050, says Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of  PGE  Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

Appointed at the end of February this year, the Management Board of PGE is working on a new strategy for the Group.

We have approached this task in a responsible manner. Developing our strategy, we have used a wide range of data, both internal and coming from outside the PGE Group. We have also taken into account prospects for development in the individual segments as well as development costs of particular technologies in the industry. These data have been incorporated into our proprietary analytical models and used to design strategic objectives for the PGE Group. In the autumn, we will present a comprehensive strategy allowing for a successful transformation of the PGE Group in the green direction. I am convinced that the new strategy of the PGE Group will serve as a benchmark for the broadly understood energy sector, adds Wojciech Dąbrowski.