Entering a developed CO2 emissions trading platform is another step to broadening access by PGE Electra S.A. (formerly PSE-Electra S.A.) to the European CO2 emissions trading market. The Climex platform, previously New Values, based in Utrecht, was established in 2003. At the very beginning it enabled trading of environmental products such as nitric oxide (NOx) on the local Dutch market and Certificates of Origin of ‘green’ energy. Since 2005 the Climex platform activities have significantly expanded to include trading in CO2 emission allowances (EUAs) as well as CO2 certified emission reductions (CERs) on the spot market.

Today the Climex platform offers both EUA and CER trading on the spot market and regularly organises auctions for EUAs, CERs and voluntary emissions reductions (VERs).

Dominika Tuzinek-Szynkowska, Spokesperson