The commissioning of the new plant was conducted on 8 April 2010. Just before its startup, the content of nitrogen oxides in flue gases leaving unit no. 3 equalled 482 mg/Nm3.

The denitrification plant was officially started by Mr Wojciech Topolnicki, Vice President for Development and Finance in the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Mr Mirosław Skowron, Management Board President and General Director in PGE Elektrownia Opole SA and Mr David Johnson, Division President of Nalco's EAME Operations. After the startup of the plant, the emissions of nitrogen oxides fell to the level of 180 mg/Nm3. The commissioning of the plant had been preceded by a scientific seminar with the participation of the representatives of the consortium of companies executing this investment task: Remak-Rozruch SA Opole, Sefako SA Sędziszów and Nalco Mobotec Goeteborg.

The participants of the seminar discussed the technology used in the plant and presented the results of work within the project comprising its construction and commissioning. Since its opening in 1993, the PGE Opole Power Plant has undertaken many attempts to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides using the primary methods, but without effecting any radical changes to the construction of the furnace system.

The results of these activities meet completely the current ecological requirements concerning NOx emissions. However, after 2015 new and more stringent emission requirements will come into force and the previously applied solutions will be no longer sufficient. In such circumstances, the Opole Power Plant decided to order a professional and comprehensive technological solution capable of reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides to the level below 200 mg/Nm3. In the subsequent years similar plants will be erected and installed on the remaining three power generation units operated in PGE Elektrownia Opole SA.