The object of the tender consisted of the creation of a modern, transparent and user friendly internet service that corresponds to the image of a strong, modern and customer-oriented company such as PGE. Furthermore, the online service should contain a friendly and attractive presentation of the products offered by PGE and should enable the ordering of these products online. The design of the service and the selection of its functionalities was focused on the group of target – Clients, Investors and Media.Eight leading interactive agencies were invited to participate in the tender which have the necessary experience in provided services to large companies and which have in their portfolios projects related to the implementation of uniform internet services in Capital Groups that are comprised of many subsidiaries. Seven companies took part in the tender proceeding.

During the proceeding the highest marks were given to the offer of the interactive agency K2 INTERNET S.A.

Project completion has been scheduled for mid-September of this year.

Dominika Tuzinek - Szynkowska

Spokesperson for PGE