Their debates will concern such topics as market regulations, investments in the power generation sector, the acquisition of capital for development by entering the capital market and possible strategies for Poland's power generation sector. For the second year in a row, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A., Poland's largest power producer, is a partner of the Economic Forum to be held in Krynica Zdrój between 8 and 11 September 2010. The Krynica Economic Forum will be accompanied by the third edition of the Investment Forum held in Tarnów. A sector of key importance, the power generation industry will be again a subject of numerous discussions in the two Forums. Participants will concentrate on power generation not only within the Polish context, but also within those of Central and Eastern Europe as well as the whole continent. On 8 September during the 3rd Investment Forum in Tarnów, Piotr Szymanek, Vice President of the PGE Management Board, will take part in the panel called "Restructuring and Privatisation.  When to Enter the Stock Exchange?". The discussion will try to answer a question about the prospects of successful IPO's in Poland and the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe within the context of the economic crisis. On the second day of the Economic Forum in Krynica Wojciech Topolnicki, Vice President of the PGE Management Board, will participate in a discussion devoted to "Investment Processes in the Power Generation Industry in Central and Eastern Europe - Major Challenges and Possible Sources of Financing". The members of the panel will analyse organisational and financial challenges which the Polish power companies will have to face in view of the incoming wave of necessary investments. Mr Topolnicki will be also a member of another discussion panel concentrating on "An Investment Deadlock in Poland's Power Generation Industry - a Strategy for the Sector". This group of experts will be also discussing the issue of investments in power generation and possibilities of accelerating investment processes in the nearest future. On 10 September, the third day of the Economic Forum, Tomasz Zadroga, President of the PGE Management Board, will take part in one of the most important debates of the day and the whole Forum: "Poland's Presidency in the EU - the Scope of Regulations vs. the Competitiveness of the Economy". Its participants will present their opinions on the processes leading to a balance between ensuring security for citizens by means of market regulations and the maintenance of the economy's competitiveness. This panel's honorary guest will be Aleksander Grad, Minister of the State Treasury.  


This year the Krynica Economic Forum is celebrating its 20th anniversary. For the second year in a row PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. is a partner of this important event. For more information on the Forum and the discussion panels, see