The selection of the three potential sites is a result of many months of analyses, taking into account a variety of factors, from main characteristics of the area, access to cooling water, natural environment issues (p.ex. distance from protected areas, national parks and Nature 2000 sites) and current land development status to logistics and infrastructure, understood as the proximity of the transmission grid, roads and railways.

- At present, we treat all three sites as equally probable. There are two years of detailed research and analyses ahead, including geological investigation and environmental studies. These will allow us to select the final site for the first Polish NPP. We expect to have finalized the selection process in the year 2013 – says Mr Tomasz Zadroga, President of PGE S.A.

For the commune where the NPP will eventually be sited, as well as for its neighbors, the construction offers a wonderful opportunity for  dynamic development, unprecedented in the region. The NPP itself, as well as the companies cooperating with such a facility, will boost employment opportunities in the area as well as help to develop the region’s infrastructure. The budgets of the communes will draw additional profits from both the property and income taxes paid by the utility. Over the years, these sums will amount to millions of Polish zlotys. Taking into account the life cycle of an NPP, its forecasted construction, operating and decommissioning periods, the benefits reaped by the community hosting the NPP will span almost a century.

- Selection of the three potential sites is the next, crucial stage in the NPP project implementation process and it brings us closer to reaching the goal of producing clean and safe energy. – declares Mr Witold Drożdż, Vice-President of PGE Energia Jądrowa S.A.

The „Choczewo” site is located in the Northern part of the Pomeranian voivoidship (województwo pomorskie), poviat of Wejherowo, Choczewo commune, in the relative proximity of such municipalities as Lubiatowo, Kierzkowo and Kopalino. The area of the site is adjacent to the Baltic Sea and belongs to the region known as Słowińskie Coast (Wybrzeże Słowińskie), which in its turn, is part of a bigger geographical unit known as Koszalińskie Coast (Pobrzeże Koszalińskie). Forests and shrubs dominate the area, while a few scattered buildings, remnants of liquidated military facilities are to be found in the Western part of the site.

The „Gąski" site is located in the North-West of Poland, in the West Pomeranian voivoidship (województwo zachodniopomorskie), poviat of Koszalin, Mielno commune. The area of the site is adjacent to the Baltic Sea, partly within the region of Słowińskie Coast (Wybrzeże Słowińskie) and partly in the region of the moraine plain of Równina Białogardzka, both regions belonging to a bigger geographical unit of Koszalińskie Coast (Pobrzeże Koszalińskie). Arable land constitutes most of the area of the site.

The „Żarnowiec” site is located in the North-West of Poland, in Pomeranian voivoidship (województwo pomorskie), Puck poviat, Krokowa commune, next to the administrative border of Gniewino commune. The area of the site is brownfield, with a small number of free-growing, uncultivated greenery. Non-intrusive, industrial facilities occupy the Northern and Southern ends of the site, with its central part taken up by degraded land, including facilities of an abandoned NPP. The Eastern part of the site hosts mostly devastated and abandoned buildings which were supposed to become living quarters and offices for an unfinished, Soviet era NPP. The site is located within the boundaries of the Pomeranian special economic zone.  

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. is the biggest player on the Polish energy market. It is also one of the largest companies in the power industry in the Central and Eastern Europe. PGE Capital Group has gained vast experience in implementing large investment programs. It boasts a stable economic situation as well as huge financial potential, enabling PGE to implement ambitious, strategically important projects on a national level. In January 2009, Polish government designated PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. to be the subject responsible for the set-up and implementation of the nuclear program, specifically for the construction of the first two NPPs in Poland with joined, installed capacity of 6000 MW.  

In order to carry out the project, PGE Energia Jądrowa S.A. was established in December 2009. It is an entity responsible for managing the nuclear power segment within the PGE Group and for performing all strategic activities related to preparations for the project implementation phase. The Company has been actively working to establish foundations for strategic decision-making processes, on conducting preliminary site investigations, cooperating with business partners as well as a variety of domestic and international organizations and institutions.

PGE EJ 1 Sp. z o.o., as a special purpose vehicle, was founded in January 2010. It is responsible for the direct preparations of the investment process, conducting site characterization work, as well as for obtaining all regulatory decisions necessary to build an NPP in Poland. PGE EJ1 Sp. z o.o. is also responsible for attracting a business partner to create a consortium and construct the first Polish NPP with, as well as for conducting a tendering procedure aiming at choosing the NPP technology vendor.

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