Today at 11.17 am, the Bełchatów Branch of PGE GiEK SA was operating 13 power generation units, including Poland's largest and state-of-the-art 858 MW unit, which is currently undergoing preparation for commissioning.    By the end of the year the power rating of Bełchatów's all generation units will amount to 5354 MW, and after the completion of the modernisation of units 7-12 it will be increased by further 120 MW to reach the level of 5474 MW in 2015. A part of the PGE Capital Group, PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A., Bełchatów Power Plant Branch, is the producer of the cheapest electricity in Poland. With high availability factors, it is the unchallenged leader of Poland's power industry.   Information on PGE Capital Group: The PGE Capital Group is the largest power company in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a very important link in Poland's energy security system. The PGE Capital Group has a 40% share in Poland's power generation market, and a 25% share in the electricity distribution market. One of the most important principles followed by the PGE Capital Group is sustainable development. PGE is a reliable company whose operation is based on the highest corporate standards.