The agreement provides for the commissioning of the plant at the beginning of 2012. PGE Zespół Elektrowni Dolna Odra S.A. plans the construction of a flue-gas desulphurization plant for units no. 5 and 6 at Elektrownia Dolna Odra. The selected contractor is Fabryka Kotłów RAFAKO SA, which submitted the best offer in the procedure of competitive negotiations involving publication.

The agreement covers the design, manufacture, delivery, assembly, startup, commissioning and optimizing of a flue-gas desulphurization plant for two OP-650 boilers fired with coal dust. The plant is to be constructed in accordance with all applicable Polish and EU standards and regulations. The gross contract value is approximately 205.6 million zloty and approximately 25.46 million euro.   

Information on PGE Zespół Elektrowni Dolna Odra S.A.: PGE Zespół Elektrowni Dolna Odra SA consists of the following entities: Elektrownia Dolna Odra [Dolna Odra Power Plant] at Nowy Czarnów near Gryfino and  two power plants located in Szczecin: Elektrownia Pomorzany [Pomorzany Power Plant]  and Elektrownia Szczecin [Szczecin Power Plant]. The generating capacity of PGE Zespół Elektrowni Dolna Odra S.A. is 1984 MW,  the thermal capacity - 608 MW, the number of power boilers – 17. In 2008 the company's net power generation amounted to 6.8 TWh, while its net heat generation - 4.198.200 GJ. The company's basic business activities comprise electricity generation and sale, as well as heat generation.

PGE Zespół Elektrowni Dolna Odra SA belongs to PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, the largest power industry group in Poland and one of the largest such groups in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the combination of its own fuel (lignite) resources, power generation and final distribution networks, PGE guarantees a safe and reliable power supply to 5 million households, businesses and institutions. The company's net power generation equals 56 TWh, which constitutes 36% of the national electricity output. The installed capacity equals 12.4 GW.

The PGE Group employs 46.600. employees. The holder of 100% of shares in the company is the State Treasury. Information on Fabryka Kotłów RAFAKO S.A.: RAFAKO S.A. is Poland's largest manufacturer of steam and water boilers for commercial and industrial power engineering, as well as environmental protection equipment. The company offers its customers  design and manufacture of a wide range of boilers fired with lignite, coal, oil, gas, a combination of such fuels, among others, conventional, supercritical, fluidized and grate boilers. Moreover, for many years RAFAKO has been manufacturing boilers for thermal waste treatment and  biomass combustion, as well as waste-heat boilers for combined cycle units.

RAFAKO S.A. designs and delivers "turn-key" flue-gas desulphurization plants based on different technologies, including the wet lime method. In the area of environmental protection, the company specializes in technological solutions for thermal waste treatment and waste water treatment. Fabryka Kotłów RAFAKO S.A. is a leading manufacturer of boiler elements, including pressure parts, steel structures, air ducts, flue passes and rotary air heaters.

The quality of offered products is confirmed by the certificates the company holds, among others, the integrated ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certificates, as well as their compliance with the requirements of UDT, ASME, TRD, SVTI and others.