Immediately since the incident site has been protected. All rescue services, as well as the national grid operator have been informed. Special committee appointed by the Board has started investigation of reasons and consequences of the incident. Key generation facilities of the plant have not been destroyed and generation units remain operational. Coal supply system, however partially damaged, allows supply of fuel to boilers. At the moment of incident four of eight units were in operation. In order to minimise potential danger resulting from the accident, it was decided to temporarily shut down all units. Two units have been already relaunched Along with elimination of the accident’s consequences, other units will be relaunched in order to reach full generation capacities. Shut down of the units has not caused major consequences for electricity and heat consumers. Due to the accident one employee was killed and three employees were injuried. Immediate help was given to them and their families. Dolna Odra Power Plant is composed of eight units with total electric power of 1,772 MW. In 2008 the power plant generated 5.9TWh of electricity (ca. 10,5 per cent of the total PGE Group generation) and 2.2TWh in first half of 2009 (ca. 8.3 per cent).