"Our companies manage their fuel resources in a manner ensuring the security of heat and power generation for their customers. Potential increased demand for heat caused by low temperatures or a possible limitation in gas supply do not constitute any serious threat to their operations," said Henryk Majchrzak, PGE Vice President for Mining and Generation. "In the event of limitations in gas supply, the companies will resort to their coal supplies," added Majchrzak. Within the PGE capital group, only three heat and power generation plants use natural gas as fuel. PGE Elektrociepłownia Gorzów S.A. is fired with azotized natural gas from local deposits and coal, therefore the gas crisis does not influence its operations directly. The other two gas-fired heat and power generation plants, i.e. PGE Elektrociepłownia Lublin-Wrotków sp. z o.o. and PGE Elektrociepłownia Rzeszów S.A., are not currently facing any production problems .