Owned by PGE, the PV plant is located at the altitude of 740 metres above sea level, which makes it the highest location for such a facility in Poland. A total of 2,400 solar panels, arranged in 16 rows, each with the power output 250 W were installed in the plant at Góra Żar. The total area of the panels is 3.5 thousand sqm. Because of its location, the power station is protected with special lightning protection system comprising 200 masts with the height 4 m each. The estimated annual energy production in the PGE's photovoltaic power plant will be at least 550 MWh gross.

This is another project to prove our full commitment to conscious and gradual diversification of power generating sources of the PGE Group. As of today, we produce ca. 12 percent of energy from renewable sources in the country and we still want to develop this business. We are a leader in the hydro and wind power industry, and now we have engaged ourselves in the production of solar energy. We have launched the first photovoltaic power plant that enables us to extend our power generating portfolio by another source of clean and low-emission electrical energy – says Marek Woszczyk, CEO, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

The investor of the project is PGE Energia Odnawialna, a company owned by PGE Capital Group, responsible for power generating based on renewable energy sources. Said company ordered project execution from Maybatt from Warsaw. The construction of the photovoltaic plant at Góra Żar was co-financed with the grant awarded by the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice. The entire project is worth PLN 2.8 million, and the grant from the Fund amounted to PLN 624 thousand, i.e. 24% of the eligible costs.

The photovoltaic plant project is a part of the business of PGE's policy that involves gradual diversification of generation sources. In early September, the first energy was delivered from Resko II 76 MW wind farm, and two others, Lotnisko 90 MW and Kisielice II 12 MW farms are scheduled to be started by the end of 2015. Only in this year, PGE will invest PLN 1 billion in wind energy assets. Once they are launched, the group will achieve a total of 529 MW of installed power in the wind energy sector. At present, it is 351 MW. PGE continues also the first offshore wind farm project. In August 2015, a tender was announced for the performance of environmental research.

The photovoltaic plant in Międzybrodzie Żywieckie was officially opened on October 14, 2015.