Dividend from the profit for year 2010

The Ordinary General Meeting of the Company (the "OGM") of June 29, 2011 adopted the resolution on distribution of net profit for 2010 and retained earnings, distributing a part of the profits for the dividend for shareholders (see current report no. 25/2011) According to the OGM resolution, the net profit for 2010 in amount of PLN 2,920,423,465.45 and retained earnings in amount of PLN 120,474,499.24 were distributed in a following way: 1) for a dividend for shareholders - PLN 0.65 per share; 2) for the reserve capital – an amount constituting the remaining amount of the net profit for 2010 and retained earnings. As at the date of OGM, the dividend applied to 1,869,760,829 shares and the total value of the dividend amounts to PLN 1,215,344,538.85. Shares, which were purchased by the Company for redemption, are excluded from dividend. The OGM determined September 15, 2011 as the dividend date and September 30, 2011 as the dividend payment date.