Please find a comprehensive presentation on PGE in transition

PGE in transition is the Company's answer to ever-changing power market environment.

As the leader of the transformation of the energy market in Poland, we’ve decided to provide you with an up-to-date presentation that covers selected key ESG issues and shows company’s transformation path – offshore project, PV, highly efficient cogeneration – responding to global megatrends and new EU regulatory requirements.

It also gives an update of Polish energy market setup (including capacity market auctions of late 2019) and key financial figures and external financing.

Detailed table of contents:

•    PGE at a glance
•    Recent developments
•    Main capacity market auctions for 2021-24 delivery
•    Strategic direction – Offshore Wind
•    PGE in transition – how we do it
•    Governance at PGE
•    Appendix (Market setup – quick view & financing)