Mr. Radosław Winiarski graduated from Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. Since 2001 he has been working as a researcher at the above faculty in the Department of Economy’s Financial Systems, within the Unit of Banking and Financial Markets.  In 2007 he earned PhD in Economics, at his alma mater – in the field on management.

Since 2016 he has worked at the Ministry of Energy as a Head of the Section within the Department of Supervision and Ownership Policy.  In years 2007-2016 he was employed in the Ministry of State Treasury. Since September 2017 Mr. Radosław Winiarski has been a member of supervisory board of Lotos Upstream sp. z o.o. Previously he used to be a member of supervisory boards of inter alia: Enea S.A., H. Cegielski S.A. and Polfa Tarchomin S.A.

According to the submitted statement, Mr. Radosław Winiarski is affiliated with a shareholder holding shares representing not less than 5% of all voting rights at General Meeting i.e. with State Treasury through employment at the Ministry of Energy.